About Us
At Houseplant Care, there's no indoor plant maintenance challenge we can't meet, thanks to the professional knowledge, dedication and experience we have in maintaining healthy indoor plant environments for homes and businesses.  We have many years experience working with all types of plants...
The owner is a highly motivated and skilled technologist/biologist with at least 20 years of effective proven performance in geotechnical work, construction design and environmental assessment and protection.
The local areas we cover are:  St. John's, Mount Pearl, C.B.S., Logy Bay, Torbay, Portugal Cove
Please read in more detail, below, about the services that we offer:
(Our philosopy is to always deliver much more than what you expect to get!)
Plant Maintenance
Through years of experience, Houseplant Care only uses the most suitable plants, which we plant in the best soil medium available. This ensures that plants will easily get used to the climate in an air-conditioned and artificial light environment.  Houseplantcare’s regular services will ensure that your plants flourish. We undertake to keep your displays attractive at all times.
Houseplantcare’s weekly or biweekly maintenance, depending on your environment, is for the complete maintenance of your plants, which includes watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc., including the free-of-charge replacement of plants if necessary. A fixed monthly amount is payable for this service.
Houseplantcare makes use of sub-irrigation system, if suitable, which is generally considered as being the most logical and effective method of correctly watering indoor plants in scaled containers.
The Styler liner is a sub-irrigated controlled watering system based on the capillary leg principle.
Plants will be adequately given 6 weeks feeding in order to help maintain vigour and appearance.
Plants will be inspected at regular intervals and pruned or replaced when necessary to retain overall health and quality.
Plants, where possible, will be rotated by pot turning in order to promote balanced growth.
Plants will be inspected at regular intervals and replaced when necessary to retain overall quality. Plants will be of the same type and size as previously supplied at the expense of Houseplant Care. Maintenance agreements will allow for realistic provision of ongoing plants in order to maintain acceptable plantscaping standards.
What Customers Have Said:
  1. Paul Christian
    Paul Christian
    We have had nothing but excellent service provided by Houseplant Care and we would recommend them to anyone!
  2. David Graham
    David Graham
    I was impressed with how Houseplant Care provided service which was far beyond what I had received in the past!